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When can I schedule an appointment for a cake consultation?

The earliest appointment is 9:00 am Monday through Saturday and the latest appointment is 7:00 pm.  Sunday upon request.


What is your order minimum?

We do not place minimums on our cakes. We believe that every customer should have the cake of their dreams whether it  20 people or 400 people, whether her budget is $50 or $1000. Also, we don't charge more for being a "WEDDING CAKE", if it feeds 100 people, IT FEEDS 100 PEOPLE... we charge by slice & design.


When is payment due on my cake?

Cakes under $100, require to pay 100% to save the date. Over $101, 50% down is required to save the date and balance must be paid 7 days prior to due date. Wedding cakes require a minimum of 1 month advance notice, otherwise rush order will cost 10% of total cost. We limit our orders to two a week, so we book fast.


How many servings should I plan on for my wedding cake?

We recommend that the bridal cake serve the number of people that you expect and that the groom's cake should serve one half that amount.


Do you offer catering services?

No, we do not. However, we can recommend several catering companies to you.


When do you deliver the cakes?

We work out a delivery schedule when we place the order. Generally, we deliver cakes approximately 2 hours before the event is scheduled to start. We prefer to deliver tiered cakes, due the complexity of the drive.


Do you provide flowers for my cakes?

We only provide flowers made from frosting or gumpaste. We do not provide silk, artificial, or fresh flowers. We view such a matter as a personal choice. We will, however, place them on the cake for you, but prefer to have everything edible on cake.


How much do you charge for faux cake tiers?

We charge 50% of the total price of layer indicated. Cupcakes are provided when a faux cake is requested. The advantage of having "Faux Cakes" and cupcakes are:

    * The "look", you want a awesome designed cake that last the whole entire party, instead of cutting it up.

    * Cupcakes are easier to eat and no silverware required.

    * While a tiered cake might bring you a few flavors, cupcakes are sold by the dozen, so 8 dozen=8 flavors at least!


What do I need to bring to the consultation?

Please bring your fiancée, and parents, bridesmaids, etc. If you are prepared to put a deposit down on your cake, please bring this with you. Also, please bring pictures and ideas along with you. This will help in the planning process.


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