We always like to be very clear with our clients on pricing of Sweet Chic and Unique Cake products. Each cake is custom priced based on many different factors.  All quotes will be provided via email or text and not over the phone, simply to help keep track of all details and with customer service in mind!

SCUCakes normally charges per slice and/or serving.  Our prices for custom cakes start at $3 per slice. For cakes covered in buttercream, prices start at $2.50 per slice for a basic beautiful design.  For either option this is the starting point and from there the price will go up according to the complexity of the design and work involved.  Hand painted cakes by our artist starts at $30 a layer.


Our prices don't go up because it is a WEDDING CAKE, we charge by design NOT by title! If it feeds 50, it feeds 50.... plain and simple!

Elements like sugar paste flowers, figurines, other handmade sugar details, custom painting, logos and more, can effect the price of the cake. The price always reflects the amount of time it takes our artists to put such elements together, and the prices of these special ingredients.  

3D, shaped and structured cakes are also a little more expensive due to the amount of work we have to put not only outside the cake but also inside and the internal structure required to bring it to life! 3D cakes typically start at $150.00 for the smallest cake size of 6” x 8”  (approx…35 servings), dependent on the concept.

Typically we start any cake with a 8-inch cake as our base, serving 24-30 servings or so. Smash cakes are available for photo shoots for $40, but when ordering a first birthday cake of $125 or more, the smash cake is included, FREE !!!

The serving chart is just a guideline. Number of servings will however depend on how the cake is cut. Cake Pricing depends on the size and the design. Please contact me for pricing information.

Fillings in every cake and cupcake order unless customer declines




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